Nyquest Express Services

Nyquest Express Services allows sites utilize the services of highly experienced Unix/Oracle/Windows consultants on-demand.

The usual turn around time for getting a consultant is twenty-four hours or less.

Nyquest Consultants are Oracle Certified Professionals (OCP) that have worked a minimum of 15 years using Oracle on a variety of platforms. These environments include Oracle 11g/12c on Linux, UNIX and Windows. Each Nyquest consultant has seen and can handle virtually all situations that arise using Oracle.

Nyquest consultants are also proficient on Windows/OSX as well as most flavors of Unix/Linux & Windows that are out in the market.

How do I schedule for Nyquest Express Service??
When a site determines that they need to schedule a Nyquest Consultant. All they need do is call Nyquest to request Express Services. Once the exact nature of the problem has been defined, the Nyquest Consultant will begin work as soon as possible.


Will a Nyquest Consultant work remotely or Onsite??
That depends. Many Oracle tasks (upgrades, patches, installs) can be done remotely, either via the Internet of via a dial-in server. Most Unix or OS level tasks need to be done onsite. Ultimately, the final decision rests with the client. Some sites prefer having Nyquest Consultants onsite for the personal interactions, while others have no real preference. When a Nyquest Consultant performs tasks onsite, the client covers for all travel expenses. Currently Nyquest Consultants will travel to all parts of US, most parts of Europe, and some parts of Asia.

How long will a consultant work with a site under Express Services??

Typically, we like to keep the duration of an Express Service Assignment under two weeks. Express Services is for clients that have very specific, defined tasks that need to be done on their system. Express Service Tasks that take longer tend to interfere with our scheduling process.

If you have an assignment in mind that would longer than two weeks, we suggest that you take a look at our DBA & Unix Services Page and request service there.

How will I be billed for Express Services??
Under Express Services, a client will be charged for each hour that a Nyquest Consultant spends with a client. For onsite visits, this includes travel time.


Is Express Services right for my site??
As we mentioned earlier, Express Services is for clients with well-defined problems, examples include installation of Oracle or an OS, setting up x number of workstations to connect to a file server, setting up networking between an Oracle Databases, and so forth.


If you are interested in finding out more information about Nyquest's Express Services, please call or Email us!