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Using Firefox to access to the Ellucian Site

One of the most annoying things about accessing the Ellucian site for me, is that when you use Firefox by default, you get this strange loop where you alternate between the signin screen opening the default_app screen as shown below.

Click here for the fix.

Banner SSB9 Configuration File Updater

After an ESM upgrade, we need to login to the jobsub server, find the deployment directory and then perform a ton of find-and-replaces for the various required parameters such as CAS Server location, PageBuilder directory root, etc.

In an effort to simplify the lives for Banner Admins everywhere, we wrote a VERY BARE BONES script that will perform some find/replaces on a Banner SSB9 configuration file.

ESM 23.2+ (Part 1 and Part 2)

For all you Banner clients, one of the "rare" Banner upgrades which have been relatively easy was for ESM. You basically click upgrade, wait a bit, and then you are done.

However, as of version 23.2+, that is no longer the case. Starting with 23.2+, ESM longer uses the Jenkins "Copy-to-slave" plugin. Instead it uses a new plugin for agents which requires a Jenkins upgrade.

Unfortunately the Jenkins upgrade also requires a Java upgrade/installation on the ESM server and all agent nodes.
Thus if you are planning to update ESM to version 23.2 or above, you should upgrade Jenkins version 2.401.1 first.




Jenkins Security Issue 3314-3315

Last week Ellucian reported a security issue 314-3315 found in Jenkins, which is used by ESM as referenced below:

The fix for this was to disable two Jenkins components which were vulnerable to attack: the SSH port and HTTP CLI.

However, the fix presented was a bit brief and somewhat confusing.

Here is (hopefully) a more complete set of steps on how to do this with screenshots:

Banner® 9 Terminology

Are you having trouble understanding all the new terms for Banner 9? For example ESM, Application Navigator, SSOManager? We did for a long while.
Click here for a short tutorial on what all these things actually are.

DBA & Unix Services

Nyquest DBA & Unix Services provide all the benefits of a full-time Senior DBA and/or Sysadm at your site without most of the headaches. Most routine tasks are performed remotely while larger tasks are done on-site. For additional information please take a look at our DBA & Unix Services page here.

Banner® 9 Update

Is your institution worried about migrating to Banner® XE? Nyquest Consulting offers XE install and configuration assistance so that you can be up and running with XE right away. We offer installs. upgrades and installs of XE products along with integration with authentication (CAS) and other third party applications. Click here for the latest news.

Setting a Wildcard SSL Certificate w/Let's Encrypt

This week, let's go over how to setup a FREE wildcard certificate using Let's Encrypt which is valid on ALL web servers in your domain.